3D VR Visualisation

Visualisations are a key part of understanding any design and we pride ourselves in ensuring our clients fully understand their new space in every aspect, before any building work starts. We do this by allowing you to experience your design up-close and personally through an immersive, visual experience, at no extra cost.

Mobius are excited by the newest technology...

and are committed to ensuring that we keep up to date and at the forefront of our industry.

We are proud to reveal our new Virtual Reality Client Suite, known as the VR Warehouse...

this latest development in our portfolio of visualisation methods is a space where you can visit and become fully immersed in the virtual world of your new workplace. Walk through and look around to gain an accurate representation of the look, flow and feel of the space as a whole.

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This experience has a range of benefits, for both our client and ourselves...

we can walk through with our clients and make design changes in the architectural model which are instantly, in real-time reflected in virtual reality. This process enables us to work together effectively and efficiently and takes the guess work out of the final delivery.

360 Panorama Visualisations

Experience one of the many ways we can present your new workplace, or come and see us and become fully immersed in your virtual workplace in our virtual reality suite.

Moving? Refurbishing? Let us inspire your new workplace

The Mobius Process – what we do

An invitation to visit

our new state-of-the-art collaborative space. We’ll walk you through your new workplace in stunning virtual reality.

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Latest News
  • How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing
    How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing

    Indent Design recently created our new brand identity and website. In the course of the project they gained valuable insights into how our new tools will shape the design and marketing of workplaces.

  • Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working
    Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working

    The Mobius team collaborated in virtual reality with the client, Infor, to provide a full turnkey refurbishment of tired offices in Farnborough.

  • Wrapping Up in Barcelona
    Wrapping Up in Barcelona

    We redesigned and transformed the client-facing spaces for a workplace in Barcelona. After spending time remodeling a lower floor for the staff, our final intervention involved creating an attractive and appealing series of spaces. This was to ensure that the business felt proud of their space and makes a difference to clients when they are invited to the office for meetings.

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