Building Information Modelling is a cutting-edge utensil in the construction industry and Mobius are paving the way for its use in the commercial fit-out sector.

BIM is a powerful design and collaboration tool. It enables us to build accurate digital spaces which contain a huge range of data about all existing and proposed specifications. The power of this tool in the commercial fit-out sector is endless as we are able to provide our clients with a detailed 3D, data-rich digital model containing all operations and maintenance information. Once the design has been delivered, we hand over this model which is available to view online on any device, at any time.

BIM is a key aspect...

to our designs and a significant part of the Mobius process. As we space plan and design in 2D, the corresponding 3D model is being built up.

Technical and specification data...

about each item is also being added throughout this process.

Allows us to design more efficiently...

with the technology speeding up the entire design and delivery process.

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