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Barcelona: Update

Following a busy 6 weeks on site in Barcelona, phase 1 and 2 are now complete. With the addition of a brand-new staff kitchen and breakout, soft seating areas and a fully refurbished office, the employees have moved in and started to make themselves feel at home.

This milestone, however, has not been achieved without rigorous planning, challenges and unexpected obstacles that have been a result of working in a different country. Thankfully, we have an outstanding team of contractors who have flown out and been on site since the beginning, fighting every metaphorical fire that has been presented to them. Whether it’s having to work through the local laws and restrictions preventing deliveries over a certain size entering the city, or having to uncover and fix unexpected existing problems with the building and working with foreign standards, the team have come together and pulled out all the stops.

There have been so many unknowns that, no matter how much time, planning and scheduling goes into the programme, some issues are completely impossible to foresee. Our team and partners will do whatever it takes with minimal disruption, to pull it out of the bag and have been working tirelessly to ensure that our design comes in on time and on budget. As phase 3 is about to commence, we are reaching the final stretch of the programme.

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Latest News
  • How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing
    How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing

    Indent Design recently created our new brand identity and website. In the course of the project they gained valuable insights into how our new tools will shape the design and marketing of workplaces.

  • Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working
    Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working

    The Mobius team collaborated in virtual reality with the client, Infor, to provide a full turnkey refurbishment of tired offices in Farnborough.

  • Wrapping Up in Barcelona
    Wrapping Up in Barcelona

    We redesigned and transformed the client-facing spaces for a workplace in Barcelona. After spending time remodeling a lower floor for the staff, our final intervention involved creating an attractive and appealing series of spaces. This was to ensure that the business felt proud of their space and makes a difference to clients when they are invited to the office for meetings.

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