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Taking the Steps to Become a Sustainable Business

No matter the size of your business – whether you’re a one-man band or an organisation of thousands - there’s always positive changes to be made when it comes to sustainability.

Here at Mobius, we started the year with the goal of consciously becoming a more sustainable business, looking at how we operate not only as a company but within our wider community.

Becoming a sustainable business isn’t something that can just happen overnight, nor can it be a box ticking exercise that you can just throw money at. Here’s a few things we’ve started to put into place at Mobius.

First off you need to find someone in the business to become the advocate for sustainability in the company. We’re a small (but perfectly formed!) team here at Mobius, so for us this is a one-person job but if the size of your company allows it, look at forming a committee and requesting a budget.

Create realistic goals towards what you’re looking to achieve. It can seem quite daunting and one of those ‘where do we even begin?’ tasks, but use the right people to bring the goals to life and ensure that the right resources are in place and you’ll achieve those goals.

Within our industry, we work with some fantastic manufacturers who practise sustainability – they’re creating products out of recycled goods and locally sourced raw materials and considering the lifespan of the materials they’re using. Wherever possible, we champion the use of these manufacturers to our clients.

So many of us recycle at home without hesitation because of the initiatives put in place by our local councils but are you making it this simple in the workplace? Encourage employees to recycle and make it easy for them – ensure the correct bins are where they should be and that employees are clear on what can be recycled and what can’t.

A lot of the clients we work with have sites across the globe and, in the past, costly site visits were inevitable. But now with our immersive 3D visual experiences, stakeholders no longer need to leave their offices to experience the designs and fit outs. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we can take them through every aspect of their new spaces before any building work starts. Not only are we reducing our footprint but we’re also saving our clients money.

Don’t forget to shout about the positive differences that you’re making as a business; let your clients and partners know about the steps you’re taking to make yours a sustainable business.

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