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Many of us who normally find ourselves office based have spent most of 2020 working from home, ensuring that ‘business as usual’ hasn’t been too unusual for our clients and partners. We have taken the positives from this experience but it is widely agreed that people once again want to engage with company culture, collaborate, and socialise with our ‘work family’ in the workplace.

Mobius can help you to find the perfect balance between home and office working with our new we:me concept. It allows you to offer complete flexible working, and makes your employees’ time in the office worth it, with collaborative ‘we’ spaces and focused ‘me’ spaces all in the same place.

we:me workplace

A we:me workspace is a flexible, future-proof space where you can learn, collaborate and socialise - that’s the ‘we’ work - then use your time in between these meetings to focus on independent tasks - the ‘me’ work.

How does it work? Mobius take your office’s original footprint and divides it into new zones, specially built for ‘we’ and ‘me’ working. Then, our team of expert designers and space planners work with you in 3D virtual reality to bring your concepts to life. This might mean transforming your whole building, or just one floor or area – however it works for you.

What next? Whether you’re experienced in office renovations or don’t know where to start, Mobius can help. Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your needs and talk you through our process.

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