Conceptual space planning and interior design with a 3D Immersive Experience

  • Project Type
  • Immersive Marketing
  • Size
  • 15,000 sq ft
  • Location
  • Uxbridge, UK
  • Programme
  • 4 Weeks

Arlington, a property investor & development company, approached Mobius to produce marketing material for their 15,000 sq ft of office space that was available on the second floor of Building 4. An innovative and proactive company, Arlington were keen to approach the marketing of this floor plate in a new way. We therefore created a 3D immersive experience to help potential occupiers visualise the space.

  • Project Brief
  • The floorplate was empty but finished to a high CAT A standard, we first surveyed the building by using our laser scanner to create a Point Cloud. This ensured that we could accurately create a 3D digital model which ensured that the visualisation experience would be as accurate as possible. After modelling the building and surrounding site in 3D, our team of interior designers created 2 detailed design options for the space. The options were targeted towards 2 different types of business in order to create a more tailored experience for the potential tenants, helping them better imagine occupying the space.

    Once the designs were complete and Arlington were happy with the visuals, we installed an immersive experience in the building. Two QR codes were printed on stickers for each option and placed in 9 locations across the floor plate. Using a phone or tablet people were able to scan the QR codes and see the proposed design against the empty space. We also provided a 3D tour of both options that Arlington were able to feature on their website.

    The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the space was let very quickly.

  • Scope
  • Level 3 BIM
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design
  • 3D visualisation
  • 360 degree virtual tours

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