Tomorrow’s office, today.

Find the perfect balance between home and office working with we:me. Get ready for the future of flexible working and make your employees’ time in the office worth it, with collaborative ‘we’ spaces and focused ‘me’ spaces.

Bring your employees back to the office on their terms, with the best results for you too.

Create an office that employees want to come into, with safe and comfortable spaces for productive working.

We’ll help you create an office that just… works, for your employees, for your business and for your future.

Workspaces that are fun, flexible and future-proof. For powerful ‘we’ working and ‘me’ working.

How does it work?

We take your office’s original footprint and divide it into new zones specially built for ‘we’ and ‘me’ working. Then, our team of expert designers and space planners work with you to bring our concepts to life. This might mean transforming your whole building, or just one floor or area – we’re as flexible as our furniture.

What is we:me?

A we:me workspace is a flexible, future-proof space where you can learn, collaborate and socialise - ‘we’ work and also focus on independent tasks - ‘me’ work. With over a decade of experience in designing award-winning offices, we’ll build you a space that makes the commute worth it… for every employee.

What next?

Whether you’re experienced in office renovations or don’t know where to start, we can help. Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and talk you through our process. We can even overlay our modules onto the footprint of your building free of charge.

Let’s create an office that works for you.

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According to the Savills Office Fit Report 2020

  • 89% of survey respondents believe the office will remain a necessity in the future. Is yours fit for collaborative ‘we’ work and focused ‘me’ work?

  • 60% of survey respondents believe the office is the best place for collaboration. Let’s create a space where your teams can work both together and independently… flexibly and productively.

Home working that works for everyone

Extend your office’s ‘me’ space to your employees’ homes, for productive and agile working. Research suggests that a hybrid of home- and office-working will best meet your employees’ needs. Let’s support your staff, even when we can’t physically be with them.

Pioneering Smartworking™ products include DSE-compliant chairs, desks, desk raisers and more – direct to your employee’s doors, quickly and affordably.

We have partnered with Orangebox, an innovative leader in Smartworking™, offering solutions that make home-working spaces as risk-free, comfortable and productive as possible. Packaged solutions starting from £325.

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These Smartworking™ home solutions can be delivered in as little as three days and installation is available where required.

Talk to us about your current workplace challenges, and we’ll help you solve them.

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Our process

No two businesses or offices are the same. That’s why our process is always a little bit different too.

We adapt to fit you. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen, and keep you involved at every stage – so the only surprise is how easy things are.