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The term turnkey across many sectors and industries signifies that a service or a project is a complete product.

For example, a turnkey office fit-out service means you pass your prospective project over to a company that handles the entire project. At the end of the project, the user receives a fully fitted-out space ready for immediate use. All that will be left for you to do is “turn the key”.

 Turnkey Phases Diagram

What is the difference between Turnkey and Design & Build?

Design and Build projects usually involve the client or the building owner more. This process is more of a collaboration with more responsibility placed on the client. They may even control things like budget, programme and overall decision-making.

A turnkey solution places the responsibility for the project on the chosen supplier, but you still have complete creative control of the project. It is essential to be very clear about the scope of the project and your vision for the space. You can still be involved in workshops and meetings that influence the project’s direction without the hassle of managing the project or taking on any risk.

Why do people opt for a turnkey service?

There are numerous benefits to appointing a fit-out company to undertake a project from conception to completion:

One point of contact

One team manage the whole project. You will only have one point of contact throughout the project’s life. You will know whom to contact with questions or concerns, and you can feel confident that you are always speaking to the right person.

The sole responsibility of the project

The main advantage for you is that the appointed fit-out team takes ownership of all project elements. The fit-out team will select their consultants and suppliers, taking all the hassle out of the project for you. Often a company will have established relationships with various sub-contractors and suppliers. You can assure that a trusted partner is carrying out the work. If there are any issues with the sub-contractors, the liability is with the supplier.

Turnkey Responsibility Diagram

A complete history of the project

The supplier is involved in every decision and design change from the beginning, so they will also know the project in meticulous detail. You can feel assured that the team delivering your project has a complete and comprehensive history.

Time and cost saving

The fit-out company ensures that the project is delivered on time and within budget, mitigating risk. Also, it incentivises the team to deliver the agreed level of finish. A single supplier also means a consistent level of quality and reduces the likelihood of mistakes made on-site, saving time and money.

Things to consider

It is worth spending some time selecting a team that you can trust; you need to be able to communicate to them your vision and goals for the project and then feel assured that they will deliver. Some larger fit-out companies may have a complete in-house team, while smaller companies will subcontract the work to others. However, they will only appoint teams they trust– they are staking their reputation on it, after all.

At Mobius, we offer a full turnkey office fit-out service. If you have further questions about the process, click here to get in touch!