Infor, Linkoping

Full Refurbishment.


It was stressed to our design team that although our client needed open spaces, the employees still wanted to retain some privacy whilst working. Therefore, several screening devices were placed to divide the space and give some privacy for the teams. Modular planter and storage systems were used to separate spaces, whilst providing lockers for employees.

Bespoke felt slat curtains were also installed, to create a visual barrier and give each employee their desired privacy, whilst striking a balance to make the space remain feeling open. Throughout the floors there are various sized meeting rooms, which help to break up the space into teams.

It was important that the Client Centre represented the client’s distinct brand for external visitors. This area has quite a different look and feel to the rest of the building and follows the corporate style. We mainly used a palette of greys and dark woods with pops of red and a range of interesting textures.

In this site, all employees take their coffee and lunch breaks together, and it was an important feature that the kitchen, break out and coffee shop areas were bright and open, to create an inclusive atmosphere. We managed to reflect a feeling of community where employees can come together and socialise, whilst ensuring the space could have the functionality to change into a presentation ‘Town Hall’ space to host large meetings.

Using our European Project Manager and the expert local supply chain, the project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

We had a very positive experience working with the Mobius team on this project. Being responsible for a project in Sweden whilst based in the Netherlands, it has been invaluable having access to the 3D model of the proposed design. It has given us a much better overall view of the project and has allowed us to work with the design team remotely throughout the construction and installation phases. Even with these visualisation tools, the finished project looks better than we ever could have expected, and we are thrilled with the result.


We have been very happy with the progress of the project from start to finish, and we have been especially impressed by the way in which we have been able to utilise the 3D model. We were able to use the model and visualisations in presentations to our staff, as well as using it on site to allow suppliers, installers and contractors to see what the finished project should look like – making the whole process much easier. Even now, when the project is complete, I’m able to use the model to engage vendors and space plan any internal changes without having to travel.