Savills, Oxford

Design & Furniture.


The brief was to fully redesign and transform the dated reception lobby managed by Savills in Oxford. Throughout the design process, the aim was to ensure that we created a striking first impression and a sense of elegance.

Using virtual reality headsets and realistic 3D visuals, we were able to give the client an accurate idea of what the space would look like beforehand. This process also enabled us to make a number of iterations to ensure that we achieved the perfect result that our client was confident they would be happy with. It also ensured that potential technical issues were dealt with in the digital model, in order to avoid delays and extra cost.

As part of the scope, we designed a bespoke reception desk and a statement light wall. A map of the location from the 1600s was also installed, to provide added local interest to visitors.

Through the change in flooring, wall coverings and furniture, we were able to truly transform the space which previously felt dated. Our team did a great job ensuring that they created the minimum disruption to the everyday function of the space during the fit-out process, which came in on time and on budget.