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Pop-in to Collaborate in Virtual Reality

We have always been inspired by collaborating with our clients and offering them a unique experience during the workplace design process. We excel in creating accurate visualisations and being able to communicate our ideas in virtual walkthroughs and virtual reality. Our clients and their satisfaction and experience are at the heart of everything we do, so in true Mobius style, we thought it was about time to push the boundaries even further.

We decided to create an immersive experience for our clients. This transforms the way workplace design and fit-out is even thought about.

  • The initial design has been created
  • We invite you to the Warehouse to have an interactive virtual reality collaboration meeting in which you are fully immersed in your new space. This can either happen in a headset where you have the opportunity to physically walk around the space and look closely at furniture. If you are not comfortable using the headset, the virtual reality experience is projected onto a wall, enabling you to experience the space at a 1:1 scale.
  • Make changes. We work with you if you have any questions, additional requirements or design and furniture changes. We are able to reflect each change in VR, in real time. We can go through a number of different design options in one session, ensuring you are satisfied with the design. This can cut down the time spent making revisions by up to 75% as you are able to experience the space based on all different ideas.
  • Leave it to us to take the design forward and manage the project. We give you all relevant supporting drawings, documents and visuals and then we liaise with our contractors during a virtual reality meeting to discuss logistics!

Apart from the facility being a great show piece and a lot of fun, it isn’t all about showing off. Since the Warehouse has opened, we, as designers have seen the full impact and benefit it has had on ourselves, and our clients. It has been clear to see how we are making a difference to the time and cost of our projects. Not only do we collaborate with our clients, saving time and ensuring that the desired final design reaches its maximum potential, we are ensuring that every aspect is covered to leave no surprises on site!

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Latest News
  • How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing
    How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing

    Indent Design recently created our new brand identity and website. In the course of the project they gained valuable insights into how our new tools will shape the design and marketing of workplaces.

  • Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working
    Just 2 weeks to create and implement a new way of working

    The Mobius team collaborated in virtual reality with the client, Infor, to provide a full turnkey refurbishment of tired offices in Farnborough.

  • Wrapping Up in Barcelona
    Wrapping Up in Barcelona

    We redesigned and transformed the client-facing spaces for a workplace in Barcelona. After spending time remodeling a lower floor for the staff, our final intervention involved creating an attractive and appealing series of spaces. This was to ensure that the business felt proud of their space and makes a difference to clients when they are invited to the office for meetings.

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