Space Planning and Interior Design

We believe that informed designs and well thought out concepts create long lasting, future-proof workplaces. This is why we work with you to understand your business, how it works and how it can be improved.

We start by surveying your existing space in order to create an accurate 3D digital model...

once the digital model has been created, our in-house experienced space planning and interior design team get to work, drafting an initial layout proposal. We look to ensure we meet every requirement and our creative passion drives us to suggest innovative solutions for your space.

We love to collaborate with our clients and get them involved in the design process...

once the initial design has been created, we work with you to tweak and change parts of the layout during virtual reality consultations.

Once a base layout has been established, colours, textures and finishes are chosen...

in order to accurately reflect your business culture, and where required, to bring the look and feel of your brand into your new space.

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